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Highly qualified and experienced professionals with the promise to deliver the best-in-class service.

In 2001, Imagine This was trying to figure out how to encourage casinos who did not do any form of gifting to do so. We consulted with clients who were gifting and discovered that while they believed gifts were a great player loyalty strategy, no one was analyzing their actual impact. One client was giving away a set of gifts and would giveaway 2-3 gifts on occasion in one month. The response rates were much greater than all our other clients who were using gifts for Gift of the Month, Monthly Birthday Gift and Hot Seat promotions. So, we asked ourselves:

  • What would it look like if you could encourage players to come in for all 4 or 5 weeks of the month?


  • Would they come more often?


  • Would they come and play or just pick up their gift and leave?


  • Would they just trade days not increasing their monthly trip count average?


  • Who would come for this type of promotion?

More questions arose, and the only way for us to know for sure was to test our concept with a willing client. So, we did, and the results blew us and our client away! We were on to something big and more importantly, measurable.

Our initial analytics seem prehistoric compared to our promotion analysis these days, but one thing was clear, we could drive incremental trips and spend from our client’s best players they were not getting from them before. From here, the Imagine This Continuity Program was born.

Imagine This is focused 100% on the gaming industry. We appreciate the relationships we have built and are proud to say we have helped our clients achieve over $2.5 billion in incremental revenue and profit utilizing our proven programs. Our signature Continuity Gift Program, created over 20 years ago, has caught the attention of many casinos all over the country. We continually evolve the program, and it has become the #1 marketing program in the gaming industry for clients who harness it’s true potential.

Our mission is to achieve maximum success for our clients. To accomplish this, we provide the experience of having run thousands of these programs all over North America in a wide variety of demographics. This helps us stay on top of current, best practices, which means you will get the best results.

We Say YES to everything so even the NO’s look good.

We are dedicated to helping your casino achieve maximum success. This is why our NO’s are what keep us a leader in the industry!


No risk as your product will be to you on time. No concern about product quality or perceived value. No Unhappy Players who didn’t get what they came in for. No Leftover storage to deal with as we take 100% returns.


Of course, this is in addition to our dedication to impeccable service and pricing. We produce our own goods in huge quantities and receive volume pricing. All our products are offered at the same price, whether a client orders 500 or 30,000. Whether you choose all or none of our free services, you still get the advantage of our huge buying capacity, as well as the no-hassle returns and order-on-the-spot opportunities. Your product will show up on time every time, guaranteed. We have a 100% on-time delivery track record. How? We design, produce, and maintain our own inventory. Imagine That.

Domestic Inventory

All our product is in inventory domestically, so you never have to worry about stopping or rescheduling a promotion.

Return 100% of Product

We offer the ability to return 100% of product you don’t need, which means you only pay for what is redeemed. This eliminates the need for extra storage and left-over merchandise which factors into your profitability.

Offer a Complimentary Lifestyle Video

For all our Continuity sets we offer a complimentary lifestyle video using a QR code that can be placed on your mailers, online promotions calendar, on property signage, and displays, which helps engage and encourage players to participate in the program.


Our Client Services Team

Imagine This is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professionals, with the passion and discipline to deliver the best-in-class service to every casino partner we work with. Our Client Services Team offers decades of experience working either at a casino property or within the casino promotional marketing field.

Coy Bui
Vice President Client Services
Adam Bullock
Chief Operations Officer
Denny Bushong
Vice President of Client Services
Tim Burke
Vice President of Sales
Brett Byrd
Vice President of Client Services
Jason French
Vice President of Client Services
Autumn Gregg
Vice President of Client Services
Joseph Guiste
Vice President of Client Services
Gabe Jewell
Vice President of Client Services
Robert Jewell
Vice President of Client Services
Shawn Keep
Michael Knudson
Vice President Client Services
Gretchen Krebs
Vice President of Client Services
Colin Miller
Vice President of Client Services
Jeff Nelson
Vice President of Client Services
Scott Nicholson
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Patrick Papaccio
Chief Executive Officer
Craig Perkins
Senior VP Data Operations
James Perry
Vice President of Client Services
John Phillipp
Vice President of Client Services
Phyllis Ramos
Vice President of Client Services
Peggy Rogers
Vice President of Client Services
Brandon Rutledge
Vice President of Client Services
Kyle Saunders
Vice President of Client Services
Michael Tabor
Vice President of Client Services
Jake Vanderlei
Vice President of Client Services

We have partnered with 300+ casinos since 1999.

Our Client Services Team offers decades of experience working either at a casino property or within the casino promotional marketing field. We know your challenges. We understand your world. We possess the ability and the know-how to help you generate serious incremental revenue and net profit for your property – while making your life easier in the process!

In addition to our Clients Services Team, Imagine This has an extensive Support Team of dedicated individuals who assist your Client Services Team. That Support Team includes Inventory Management, Processing Team that handles all order needs and coordinates all shipping and receiving, and full management support to ensure you receive unparalleled service every step of the way.

Our focus on proven processes, attention to detail, and full accountability are what have made Imagine This the leader in casino marketing in North America. But you don’t have to take our word for it – We’ve built literally thousands of relationships with casino executives and professionals who are happy to share their experiences with you. An extensive list of references is available upon request.

All our services and support are provided in-house to provide the most efficient and effective service possible. We know the importance of ensuring each step of the process is executed correctly to deliver our clients optimum results.

Our Free Services Include

It’s not just product our clients want. We offer the following services free of charge to help maximize player participation.

Program And Data Analytics
Inventory Management And Forecasting
Importing And Sourcing
Expert Account Coordinators
Product Development & Design
Creative Services - Graphic Design & Direct Mail

Affiliates And Partners

Involvement is our passion. We partner with casinos throughout America and prioritize our strong long-lasting relationships with each and every one of them. Building positive, trustworthy relationships is the key to our foundation of success. Together we can accomplish more than you’d ever imagine.

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