The Inventory Advantage

Imagine This is Your One-Stop Solution for Inventory Concerns

When it comes to supporting your continuity gift promotion needs, no other company can offer you all the benefits Imagine This does. What’s our secret? It’s our inventory advantage.

Our Inventory Advantage

We have the unique advantage of designing, producing, and managing our own inventory! This makes us the only supplier with the full-scale of knowledge, experience and resources to help your Continuity Program hit record revenue and profit levels month-after-month and year-after-year.


We regularly have $50 million or more of inventory ready to support our existing and new clients’ needs, on hand and ready to go!

Step 1: Creative Process

Scout new product ideas to test and review hottest, upcoming retail trends to identify high perceived value, collectible gifts. Includes retail packaging design.

Step 2: Factory Vetting

Identify manufacturers who have the capability, experience, quality control and capacity to produce desired collectible gifts in specified categories.

Step 3: Prototype & Approval

Coordinate samples to be shipped by air to swiftly evaluate the quality of the product, as well as packaging, to assure high standards are met.

Upon successful evaluation and majority consensus, the creative team marks the new set for field testing at several casino beta sites.

Step 4: Short-Run Production

Engage factory to produce a relatively small number of sets (i.e. 20k) for clients who serve as designated beta sites.

Step 5: Shipping & Customs

Logistics are implemented to import the product from the factory to the port in Los Angeles, including all required paperwork coordinated with the freight forwarder and governmental agencies.

To assure proper clearance, including duties paid, the Inventory Team assures all required documentation is in order and fees paid to receive the product.

Step 6: Warehouse & Delivery

The product is trucked from the Port of Los Angeles to a variety of designated warehouse facilities to be stored, palletized and prepped for staging prior to shipping to the final destination.

Sales Support Team develops a comprehensive delivery schedule and coordinates these details with both the Casino Receiving Team and freight carriers to pick up and drop off the product to the casino.

Step 7: Client Distribution (Beta Sites)

A collection of pre-designated casino clients, who wish to be on the cutting edge of offering new products, run the Imagine This Casino Continuity Program with the new sets.

Step 8: Returns & Post Analysis

Sales Support Team coordinates the return and credit of any unopened case packs, not used by the casino, to be shipped back to the warehouse and repurposed for other clients.

Clients provide player activity data during the promotion month, as well as 3 months leading up to the promotion, for the Data Team to evaluate lift and the success of the program. The results are shared with the client and Inventory Team to help project future volumes.

Step 9: Client Planning Out & Inventory Position

The Sales Team works with each casino client to identify and secure a PO for the number of projected sets needed for the upcoming 6-12 month period, which is then communicated to the Inventory Team prior to placing an order for the next production cycle.

Once all expected PO’s have been received, the Inventory Team places an order with the factory, taking a larger position on the sets that will be made available to clients who have planned out to assure they get what they want, when they want it, and in the quantities they need.

Step 10: Repeat!

The above steps are repeated each time a new set is introduced.

You have just completed the Inventory Advantage journey, taking you behind the scenes of what it takes to provide a successful Program. Now it’s time to plan out your Continuity Programs so you can get what you want, when you want it, and in the quantities you need.

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What’s Our Secret? It's Our Inventory Advantage.

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