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Could you use more trips from your best players to generate the type of revenue that will make your CFO stand up and take notice? Since introducing the Casino Continuity Program™ to the gaming industry, we’ve succeeded on both counts by helping casinos drive incremental trips and significant incremental revenue and net profit – with an ROI that is unmatched by any other type of casino promotion! Better yet, your CFO will love that our programs are risk-free!

Our experience through executing thousands of Casino Continuity Programs™ means we can help you navigate past the typical pitfalls so your program maximizes your ROI and profit. We have helped our clients generate over $3 billion in incremental profit for their properties. (Yes, that’s billion with a “B”!)

Casino Journal Top 20 Award
  • Considered the #1 revenue-generating program by our clients.
  • Create substantial incremental revenue & net profit.
  • Proven program with 100% success rate – 200-900% ROI in ONLY 30 days!
  • Risk-free and fully accountable. You will know exactly how our program impacts your property. Ask any one of our thousands of happy casino executives.
  • Proven month-over-month revenue, profit increases and long-term program growth and stability.
  • Everyone who participates is a winner!
  • We do the heavy lifting and make it easy for you to try.
  • You will love the results!

Here are the advantages of utilizing Imagine This for your Continuity Program needs

Our in-house development, manufacturing and distribution provides flawless delivery every time of the highest perceived value, proven products your players will love.

Proven Incremental Revenue Drivers – Don’t just take our word for it, we have hundreds of references from top casino operators in the country we can put you in touch with.

Imagine This Programs Provide:

100% Risk-Free to Partners

Imagine This will take on all the risk, making things easier on you. No contracts, long-term commitments or upfront money required.


Your program pays for itself; you do not pay until each promotion is over and we have made you the money to do so. Every promotion generates huge incremental revenue and significant bottom-line profits, with a healthy ROI.

Enhanced Cash Flow

No up-front, out-of-pocket expenses for deposits or partial payments, and no inventory carrying costs.

Complimentary Services

ALL our services are complimentary; we are investing in our long-term partnership. At the end of the day, our success depends on your success and as a good partner.

Low Variable Cost

Casino only pays for products distributed. Essentially, you only pay for those who come in to play and participate in the program. We take back the rest.

Maximize Profits through Scaling

If you want to maximize results, satisfying 100% of the players who participate is critical to grow the program. Imagine This is the only company in the gaming industry with the inventory availability to help you grow your program week-after-week, month-after-month and year-after-year. Over $50 million in domestic inventory on hand and ready to ship at all times.

Award Winning Analytics

Voted “Top 20 Most Promising Technology Solution Providers” by CIO Review and approved by the largest gaming operators in the business, our analytics provide you financial transparency with an exacting view of how the program performed and how we can increase profitability.

Originator and Market Leader in Casino Continuity Programs

Immediate Profitability

Leverage our experience to skip the learning curve and avoid setbacks. We know all the pitfalls and can steer you around them to take you from concept to immediate profitability.

Simplistic Returns

Imagine This will accept back 100% of all unused product, so you are not stuck with any leftovers. Simply put, it’s a true variable cost program, you only pay for what you use.

Back-End Support

We understand your team has a full plate; therefore, we do the “heavy lifting” through our complimentary support and become an extension of your marketing department, which frees up their time to focus on other marketing initiatives. We lift, you profit!

Imagine This guaranteed deliverables:

Improve Property Revenue and Profits

Our promotions are designed to generate enormous incremental revenue and profit from your most efficient bread-and-butter players.

Enhance Player Behaviors

Our programs are proven to increase player trip frequency, spending and loyalty, as well as reactivate declining customers.

Build Your Brand

As strategic partners, we provide long-lasting, tangible reason for customers to remain loyal to your brand, spend more of their entertainment wallet and differentiate your casino from the competition.

Drive Incremental Traffic

Promotions can be tailored to specific customer tiers, days, or dayparts, to target best customers for maximum profitability.

Enhance Partnerships

Our years of strategic partnerships provide a competitive advantage leading to increased profits, as our experience creates win-win opportunities.

What is THE Imagine This Exclusive SuperFlex™ System?


A fan favorite for our clients, which makes working with Imagine This hassle-free!

The Imagine This SuperFlex™ allows our clients to plan months to years in advance, with the full flexibility to change product options and cancel the order at any time prior to Imagine This shipping the product to you. This means you can plan out for budgeting and marketing schedule purposes, and if you want to change at any point, for any reason, you have the SuperFlex™ ability to do so.

Why do we make this SuperFlex™ available to you and take this risk?

Imagine This carries a robust inventory position, which allows us to offer this opportunity to you. We know things can come up and require you to adjust on the fly. To be the best resource for you, giving you the flexibility to make changes and not be locked into agreements or purchase orders far in advance, we believe is the right thing to do.

During the recent lockdowns and slow restarts, not a single Imagine This client was required to accept product or pay for it. We held on until our clients were ready to roll again with us. This one-of-a-kind service saved our clients tens of millions of dollars and they didn’t have to figure out where to store all the product they were forced to buy. The Imagine This SuperFlex™ system is a huge value to our clients.

At the same time, if you decide you want to add a program, increase your offer group, add days to your promotion and any other steps you might take to grow your program, the Imagine This SuperFlex™ system gives you the ability to scale immediately in order to maximize your revenue and profit from your promotion.

Our SuperFlex™ 100% hassle-free returns on all our continuity program sets means you have complete control over reducing costs and space needs for unneeded product.

SuperFlex™ is exactly what it means. You have complete control and freedom when planning and buying from Imagine This.

All our programs are Risk-Free,
Cash Flow Friendly, as you pay us after you enjoy a great ROI.
You only pay for what you use. We have a 100% return policy on every program.

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“The continuity program has resulted in a major lift in revenue and returned our coin-in to levels we haven’t seen in years.”

John McClain

CEO, Colville Properties

“Their Continuity program is a great program, the results were instant and undeniable! Our guests love the products and we love the loyalty it builds!”

Kevin Zenishek

Executive Director of Casino Operations, Northern Quest Casino Resort

“Not only do they offer coveted products, they are true business partners. I am most impressed by the amount of time they spend analyzing results and taking a genuine interest in the success of the property they serve.”

Matt Perkins

Executive Vice President of Operations/Marketing, Pearl River Resort and Casino

“Wild Rose has had great success with The Imagine This continuity programs – due to the QUALITY of the products being second to none and the attention to detail given by The Imagine This staff is tremendous!”

Tom Timmons

President, Wild Rose Casinos